Frequently asked questions

If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please contact our Customer Service team toll-free from Canada or the US at 800-264-9495,
or by email at

› Existing Esso™ Key to the Highway™ cardholders

How do I use the card?
  • Prior to purchasing fuel at Esso Key to the Highway locations, review safe fuelling tips on the tips for drivers page until you are thoroughly familiar with all procedures.
  • Safely park and secure your vehicle at a refueling island.

Due to the recent expansion of the Esso Commercial Cardlock™ network, there are now three types of site configurations for making fuel transactions. For instructions on completing transactions in different site configurations, download this PDF.

Please contact Esso Key to the Highway customer service at 800-264-9495 or with any questions.

Can I set different limits for different cards?

Yes. You may set different fuelling volume and fuel type limits for different cards. You may also control the vehicle validation, maximum distance travelled and number of hours between card uses for each driver.

Can I control the truck stops where the card will be accepted?

Yes. You may specify which sites – along any route in Canada or the US – that can accept Key to the Highway transactions.

How and when can I change card limits?

If you are an authorized program administrator, you may change card limits 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by logging in to the Esso Key to the Highway online portal, or by contacting the Customer Support Centre at 800-264-9495, or by email at

How do I report lost or stolen cards?

Contact the Customer Support Centre immediately, anytime, at 800-264-9495.

What should I do if my card doesn’t work?

If for some reason you encounter a problem with an Esso Key to the Highway card, please contact our Customer Support Centre as soon as possible, day or night, at 800-264-9495.

How do I access my fuel transaction reports?

Once you have set up an ID and password, you can easily view your transaction history or download a transaction report from the Esso Key to the Highway online portal. (Contact our Customer Support Centre to activate your login.)

How will these reports help me save money and streamline my spending?

The comprehensive reporting and transaction reports generated through the Esso Key to the Highway system can significantly help decrease your administrative efforts and costs to manage your fleet expenditures.

How can I locate an Esso site?

Simply visit our site locator to find an Esso site near you.

› If interested in the Esso Key to the Highway card

What makes the Esso Key to the Highway offer attractive?

Fleet managers get a customizable program with competitive pricing, simple purchase management and reporting features. Drivers can access more than 150 Esso Commercial Cardlocks in Canada, including sites in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Drivers also can access 9,000+ non-Esso US truck stops (if set up to fuel in the US). Explore more benefits on our Why choose Esso Key to the Highway page.

How do I learn more about the Esso Key to the Highway program?

Fill out our contact form, and a sales representative will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail.

How do I apply for an Esso Key to the Highway card?

If you are ready to complete the application form, visit our online application system. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Support Centre at 800-264-9495 to apply by phone.

Does each card have its own PIN?

Yes. Just like a bank debit card or credit card, each Esso Key to the Highway card is given a confidential personal identification number (PIN).

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