Esso Commercial Cardlock Pumps

Why choose Esso Key to the HighwayTM

See how the upgraded Esso Key to the Highway card and expanded Esso Commercial Cardlock™ network make it easier to fuel your fleet.

Access to 150+ locations in Canada

Your drivers can use the Esso Key to the Highway card at a growing number of Esso Commercial Cardlock sites. That means access to more than 150 Esso locations in Canada, including sites in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Drivers can also access 9,000+ non-Esso US truck stops (if set up to fuel in the US).

Simply visit our site locator to find an Esso Commercial Cardlock site near you.

A customizable program with competitive pricing

The Esso Key to the Highway card can be customized for each individual customer, so it is uniquely tailored to your fleet’s needs. The card offers fleets competitive, market-based pricing to help you save on fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid purchases. With direct customer billing, it’s easy to track invoices and payments.

Managing your fleet’s purchases

With real-time, web-based card controls, you can: set limits during a particular time period, on selected products and for specific fuelling locations; activate new cards, cancel or place cards on hold as needed; group cards for accuracy and efficiency; and view an individual card’s history and recent transactions.

You can adjust these controls by accessing the Esso Key to the Highway online portal, or by contacting our Customer Service team at 800-264-9495, or by email at

Advanced reporting features

The Esso Key to the Highway program gives you the data you need, when you need it. You can develop and save custom reports – and even have them automatically sent to your inbox weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Access the Esso Key to the Highway online portal now.

Statement files

Because our data file is aligned with the EFS® standard, you get a versatile statement file format that is compatible with software accepting the EFS standard file format.

EFS Electronic Funds Source is a trademark of Electronic Funds Source LLC. Other trademarks shown are property of their respective owners.

Card security

The Esso Key to the Highway card includes a confidential PIN and the ability to add enhanced security validations (e.g., driver ID, odometer reading).

24/7 customer service

Our friendly customer service staff is always here when you have questions about the Esso Key to the Highway program, or if you have issues with your account.

Simply call the Esso Key to the Highway Customer Service team, toll-free from Canada and the US, at 800-264-9495, or contact us by email at

Top-quality Esso fuel

When fuelling at Esso Commercial Cardlock sites across Canada, the trucks in your fleet will benefit from being filled with trusted, top-quality Esso-branded diesel or gasoline. Imperial’s unwavering commitment to product integrity – backed by our ongoing investments in fuel research – ensures that your drivers can count on superior performance from their fuel.

To learn more about other Esso products and services for businesses and consumers, visit the Imperial Oil website.